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During the summer of 2019 the club started a number of rides specifically for Gravel / CX riders which have proved to be very popular with the number of rides, riders and routes increasing as the season progresses.


The club currently has two Gravel rides per week with a "Training" ride on Wednesday evenings and a longer "Club Ride" on a saturday morning.

The Wednesday evening training route currently leaves from Addiewell Train Station at 7:00pm sharp and takes in a 16 mile loop around Wilsontown.  

The Saturday rides range between 30 - 100 miles and are suitable for drop bar Gravel/CX bikes with tyres ranging from 32-47mm.  Each ride is given a "Rating of Difficulty" allowing you to decide whether you want to do the particular route based upon your own fitness level and ability.

Our aim is to get as many people as possible on these rides so dependant on numbers there will be two groups if required on the day with one being more social paced, nobody will ever be dropped or left behind. 


Scotland is the perfect playground for adventure bikes and you’d be amazed what’s on your own doorstep, we have some wonderful local routes as well as cracking away days planned some with overnight stays. Café stops are mandatory on our rides so they’ll always be one built into the route where possible, some of the routes are remote so a packed lunch will be required but this will be mentioned in ride information posted.

Going forward we aim to offer LCC members the chance to do bike packing if the demand is there so keep an eye for future posts on this. As always non LCC members are welcome to ride but after 3 rides we look for you to become a member. looking forward to seeing as many old and new faces possible riding with the Gravel Crew

At the bottom of this page there is a link showing planned rides though these may not be as up to date as Facebook and TeamApp.

Livingston Cycling Club is and always will be a welcoming environment for both new and experienced riders.  If you haven't tried Gravel riding before, please come along to one of the rides and let one of the members know you are new to this type of riding.  You will receive advise and assistance from members of the group ensuring you enjoy your ride and hopefully you come back for more. 


Tuesday Nights
Saturday Mornings

Tue Nights

Please check LCC Gravel Crew Facebook pages for up to date posts

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Sat Morning

Variety of routes available to suit differing abilities

Please check LCC Gravel Crew Facebook pages for up to date posts

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(Please check Facebook and TeamApp for latest information)
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