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Visitors are welcome to join club rides though after 3 rides we ask that you join the club.  This offers non-members the opportunity to meet members, try club rides, understand your level of fitness and riding skills and not least, get a chance to experience the social and fun side of cycling before joining. 



  • Over 100 organised rides per year

  • Weekend and midweek rides

  • Runs throughout the year, no rest for the wicked

  • Ride groups for varying abilities

  • Local routes and "away day" events

  • Learn group riding skills

  • Learn, and offer, skills and experience from fellow members

  • Access to purchase club clothing


  • Excellent exercise to develop and increase fitness levels

  • Develop fitness, stamina and endurance in controlled manner using  differing group abilities

  • What better way to lose any unwanted weight !

  • See the countryside, fresh air and get away from indoor Gyms

  • 1st year discount available for British Cycling Insurance


  • With in excess of 100 members, excellent opportunity to meet new people

  • Join members at non club events, sportives, social rides

  • Club membership encourages you to get out and about more

  • Learn from others

  • Participate in club away day trips and social events

  • Discount available on equipment and servicing from Scot Cycles


To enquire about membership, please use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page or alternatively please speak to the team at Scot Cycles, Livingston.  The attached membership form may be completed and handed in to Scot Cycles along with payment.

Or Join online by clicking here

** Note - under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Memberships are registered with British Cycling and members will receive an email from British Cycling one month before their annual membership is due to expire.  Details of renewal are included in the email and subscriptions can be renewed online via British Cycling or paid directly to Scot Cycles in Livingston. 
Members will be asked to complete an updated registration confirming contact and emergency details.


Riding as part of a group is more sociable and can save you energy during a long event.

The performance advantage to riding in a group is that several people can share the responsibility of setting a manageable pace as well as sheltering their riding mates from the wind - a technique known as 'drafting.'

The most efficient formation for a large group is to ride side-by-side in pairs, with riders gradually rotating and sharing their turn on the front. How long your turn is depends a lot on weather conditions and how strong you feel, but 5 minutes is a good starting point.

Riding in close proximity to other riders does carry hazards though, so be sure to give enough space to manoeuvre, don't overlap the wheel in front and be sure to keep good communication with your riding companions.