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What We Offer

We are a local, welcoming and friendly cycling club over 120 members providing group rides for varying abilities. Whether you are new to road cycling, experienced, looking to improve fitness or meet like-minded folk, we try to cater to member's needs. Guests are welcome to join us for three rides and then we ask you to consider joining the club for a small annual fee. Go on, give us a try. 

Club Rides

Road and Gravel club runs are what we are all about.  Over 100 runs each year offer riders the chance to learn new skills, gain experience, improve, learn from and provide for others. For many members, the chance to socialize, have a chat and cycle with like-minded folk is as important as the strains of a few hours in the saddle.

Events & Social

The club organises a number of runs in different areas and these will likely increase in number due to popularity.  Referred to as "away days", these are an opportunity to visit routes and areas of the country outwith our local area.  A number of social events and our end of season dinner are also very popular with a chance to meet, out of the saddle.  

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