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Livingston Cycling Club was formed in the late 1970's, early 1980's, by a small group of cycling enthuasists who met at Craigsfarm, Craighill, Livingston. The club was run by husband and wife team, Joe and Marie McGraw supported by others including George Black (an Edinburgh CTC member), and Willie Barr who was multiple times Senior Club TT champion.The club secretary at the time was Joe (unfortunately his surname has been forgotten throught time).


Althought the club meetings were poorly attended and paid up members low in numbers, the club runs had an enthuasiastic following. The Sunday club runs left from outside the "wee shop" next to the Livi Inn (Livingston Inn) with two rides comprising of social and training groups. As "social" would have it, this group often filled there saddle bags with provisions, stopping at the road side for a drump-up, raising a fire and getting the soup and tea on the boil (unheard of nowadays). Meantime, the faster training group would be miles away and stopped at a cafe somewhere. 


A few members were also members of other local clubs including The Dale (Armadale Road Club) or The Forth Valley Road Club which was essentially an offshoot of the Livingston Club. Members including Scott Simpson, still a member of the new club also raced as a junior for the Livingston CC at the Meadowbank Velodrome and in local TTs.


Even though the club was small, they still had their own colours consisting of an orange and black striped, wait for it, "wollen" jersey. The emblem was a rams head which was basically a sewn on patch. The photo opposite shows Scott Simpson competing at the Meadowbank velodrome representing.


The club itself was affiliated to the SCU (The British Cycling Association Scotland). Registered as a mid-Scotland club it fell into the East of Scotland territory and came under the auspices of the ESCA East of Scotland Cycling Assosciations section of the SCU.


Sadly due to a triagic accident, the Club discbanded in the late 80's however it has recently reformed under the same ethos of the original club to provide a fun and enthusiastic welcome to cyclists of all abilities.


Around 2010 former members, Mr Thomson, Gordon Thomson Jnr, Scott Threllfall and Scott Simpson considered re-forming the club and wanted to gain interest within the community for a "social" cycling group. Notices advertising an open night at Craigsfarm were posted around the area with a total of six people turning up, including Mr D Charleston who became heavily involved in forming the new club. Agreeing to pay £5 per week, the new Livingston Cycling Club was formed and things got underway to organise new club kit. Thankfully as time has moved on, this wouldn't be woollen jerseys.


Weekly meetings at the Livingston Inn became a talking shop for anything and everything including organising club rides. At this time the members met up with owners of Scot Cycles who had recently started a new business in Dedridge, Livingston and invited them to the Club meetings. After a year or so, the new club logo was designed with a modern style, retaining the traditional feel. 


Through word of mouth, social media and the support of Scot Cycles, the club membership is increasingly rapidly with riders new to cycling, social cyclists and a large group of experienced cyclists.


We believe the success of the club since its reformation is due to the social, welcoming environment and this continues to be the ethos of the club throughout its journey. 

An amateur road cycling club based in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland run by cycling enthusiasts, offering a friendly and welcoming environment for local road cyclists. As the club has grown, group rides offer opportunities for riders of all abilities whether a novice or experienced rider.


Our club rides offer the opportunity to gain road cycling experience, improve group and road cycling skills, improve fitness, socialise and not least see much of the Scottish countryside you may have not seen before ! Note that road bikes are recommended.


New riders are welcome at our club rides, after three rides we do ask that you join the club for a small membership fee. Details of the club rides including groups, typical routes and ability levels are shown on the club rides page.

2018- 2019 COMMITTEE

Committee members for 2019 are;

President -              Gordon Thomson

Chairman -              Greg Salthouse

Secretary -              George Smith

Treasurer -              Mark Turner

Ride Coordinator - Richard Docherty


Social & Events -     Caroline Bell Girdwood

Sponsor -                 Robert Dalgleish

Communications -    Fraser Forbes

Membership Secretary -  Russell Rennie


Many members like to wear the club kit, especially on club rides, giving a sense of identity to both the rider and the club.


Kit is available to members and can be purchased from Scot Cycles, Livingston. 


Unfortunately accidents do happen and we strongly advise members to take out their own personal insurance cover for personal liability in the event of being involved in an accident or incident whilst riding.

Personal insurance is not provided by the club however a discount on British Cycling insurance is available to members for their first year of cover.  Please contact the club secretray via the Contact Page for full details.