Ride Covid-19 Booking form

Before booking on to a ride all members are required to familiarise themselves with LCC Test & Protect Policy as set out below

As Club activity restarts with the relaxation of restrictions around COVID-19 we are required to support the NHS Test and Protect programme.  This document sets out how LCC will meet our obligations. 


  • All members of the club taking part in club activities or rides are required to be members of LCC or on a 3 ride trial.  It is important that club members check and ensure that their contact details are up to date.  This will allow the LCC COVID 19 Co-Ordinator to provide contact details to NHS Test and Protect should the need arise. 

  • George Smith has been appointed as LCC COVID-19 Co-Ordinator and to act as a single point of contact for all responsibilities.  Full details of this role can be found here. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/SC_Covid-19_Coordinator.pdf

  • George can be contacted on 07960 111627 should you have to pass on his details to a member of the NHS Scotland Test & Protect team. 

  • It is not necessary to inform the club if you have displayed symptoms.  Any contact should be done through NHS Scotland Test & Protect team to maintain individual privacy. 

  • A register of participants for each sanctioned Club activity will be taken.  This is to support the NHS Scotland Test & Protect process.  The data will be used solely for the purpose of Test and Protect and will be deleted after 21 days in line with LCC current GDPR Policy. 

  • Prior to attending each ride, members will need to book a slot in a ride via https://www.livingstoncyclingclub.co.uk/booking.  Each group will be restricted to 9 members.  If you have not booked a slot then you will not be permitted to ride with the group. 

  • If requested to do so by NHS Scotland Test and Protect, LCC will provide details of the date of the ride, the members contained within each “bubble” (each riding group from G1 to G4 will be considered a “bubble”) and a contact number.  If you do not agree to your details being shared in this manner then you will not be permitted to join the ride. 

  • It is not the responsibility for the Club to inform members if there is a COVID case within the club.  This is the responsibility of NHS Test & Protect. 

  • LCC will respect the medical confidentiality of all members. 

  • Remember, it is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to the Scottish Government guidelines on the COVID-19 pandemic (www.gov.scot/coronavirus). 

  • All LCC COVID policies are available here