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News Letter

In the Newsletter to you all on 10 October 20, I confirmed that following updated guidance from Scottish Cycling, the committee had decided to suspend all road rides. At that time we had hoped that the suspension was going to be short term and we would be able to resume road rides in early November. Alas, the continuing restrictions look like they will be in place for some time yet.

The committee therefore has taken the decision to defer all membership renewals until such time as we can offer a fuller ride programme. If you have recently renewed you membership, your membership renewal will be adjusted, as we did at the end of the first phase of lockdown.

In the meantime, we continue to run organized gravel rides five days a week. If you are interested in trying it out but have limited experience of gravel riding, we can arrange a beginners group on local trails on one of the weekend rides. Please respond to any of the rides posted indicating your interest.


Our club constitution requires that we hold an Annual General Meeting in every calendar year. Although the disruption as a result of Covid-19 has meant that there has been much less club activity this year, the committee consider that it is still appropriate to hold an AGM. We are proposing to hold this virtually using Zoom at 19:00 on Monday 23 November 20 so any members wishing to participate can you please e-mail; By 16 November and you will then be sent a link to the meeting


On behalf of the Committee Livingston Cycling Club


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